It was in January 19th 2012 when Tika Kazuki Go (Pedigree) become part of our family. When we got her she was two months old puppy and we decided to give her a new name  – Hana (Japanese for flowers). After 10 years of having Siberian Husky, we thought that Akita Inu was good breed for us as it was also Spitz dog, however with a different temperament. And we were right. Hana, to some degree, has an independent nature, but she knows that she is part of our family and she accepts our authority. She loves people/kids and accepts other dogs, as well, which we accomplished though encouraging social interactions when she was a puppy.

Hana – Akita Inu Puppy – first day in our home

Hana playing with her first toy

Playing with Hana


Hana become part of our family

First snow

First snow

Hana playing with other dogs

Hana Playing with other dogs


when she was 5 months old

She still love her first toy. This is when she had 6 months



Hana really loves all members of our family

Akitas are a relatively low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming needs. They typically blow their coat, or shed out the undercoat, twice a year

Hana in Tašmajdan Park, Belgrade, where she is playing with other dogs

Akita Inu has hunting instincts. This time Hana jumped in the river


Hana is one happy dog 


Hana (almost 9 months old, first and only time at Dog Show, right on this picture). She won Junior Class Winner (PRM) and got 5 (best mark) from Jury. October 13th 2012


First Birthday

Snow Princess


Hana, when she had 1 year and 3 months

Hana 1,5 year old at Deliblato sands (the European Sahara)


Play, Play, Play